Week 4

I keep saying to people that the restoration is going slow and get frustrated through the working week but every time I sit down to write the next blog instalment and look at my pictures it makes me see how much we have actually done.
Ok it has been a slow week regarding the roof but the cistern is almost finished which is great – it will hold just over 5000 gallons which I hope will be enough to keep us in water through shortages.


It was a lot more work than I thought building up the roof edges, its about a day or two away from being finished which means we can start laying the bricks finally so we can work when its raining.


I also have a new member of the family – Enzo, he is an 8-year-old Rottweiler who I adopted from a friend this week. I had been looking at getting a puppy but I thought it would be a year or so before it would be a credible guard dog so this was the perfect opportunity. He is really well mannered and is really playful which is good for me but also keeps people from trying to walk in to the house when I have the door open. Even the delivery guys refuse to come in!


He is a bit overweight so is going on a diet. The boy loves rocks for some reason, he loves it when you through them, although I think he has been eating them by the state of his teeth. Will have to take him for a check-up soon.


I have also started on an out building at the back of the property, which is just a shell. I have dug up the plumbing and bought the wood for the new roof so that will be my little project while the guys are finishing off the roof.


I really cannot wait for the roof to be finished, I think I will be a lot happier at that point… So onwards and upwards! Until next week…