Budget travel tips for Santo Domingo

We don’t want to brag, but we have to say that the Dominican Republic is an amazing country; we’ve got a diverse and beautiful landscape, eclectic food and music all over the island and a culture infused with African, Spanish and Asian influences; it’s no wonder that more and more tourists are heading here. But with so much to see and do here, it’s likely that you’re going to need some budget travel tips for the Dominican Republic, because unfortunately, it’s not the cheapest country in the Caribbean.

Here’s how to spend a little and do a lot whilst here.

Buy Street Food And Dominican Food

Fruit and vegetables (melon, bananas, avocados) can all be bought from the street in Santo Domingo. The average price for an avocado is 20-35 pesos, a portion of melon is 40 pesos and a banana is just 5-10 pesos. Buying traditional Dominican food within Zona Colonial can also help you save money; a take-away meal of chicken, plantain and rice for example, can be purchased in street cafes for around 100 pesos.

Go To Free Events

When it comes to nightlife and social events, there’s plenty of free activities to do in Santo Domingo; we’ve rounded up some of the best ones here. And the most popular ones include; open-air salsa and jazz on Sundays, rum-tasting at the rum museum, exploring the architecture of Zona Colonial.

Parque Colon Santo Domingo
Parque Colon Santo Domingo is free to explore

Avoid Taxis Whenever Possible

One of our most recommended travel tips for Santo Domingo is to reduce the amount of cabs you get. Catching taxis frequently around Santo Domingo can mean that costs add up quickly. If you do need a cab, ask your hostel or hotel to order one for you so you know the price before you get in. Catching taxis in the street (especially at night or outside Zona Colonial) isn’t recommended, but if you do end up needing to, always agree the price beforehand.

Stay At / Volunteer At A Hostel

Hostels are a great way to cut back on costs whilst travelling in the Dominican Republic. And at Island Life Backpackers we’ve got dorms and private rooms to suit a variety of budgets. Volunteering whilst travelling is also a great way to keep costs down. Here at Island Life we also take on volunteers; enquire within!


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