Time is flying!

Wow, time is flying – I cannot believe it is August already. I am a little behind my planned schedule but still reasonably happy with the progress so far. The walls have turned out to be a bigger task than thought and even more of an expense than planned. You would not believe the amount of cement I have gone through…


Although when you look back at what the walls were like before you can tell why it needed so much – I don’t think one wall is straight in the whole house.


The guys have started on the outside upstairs now which will be a massive transformation – I cannot wait for it to be completed. Whilst the guys are doing the walls I have been finishing running the electric downstairs, I have finished the back part of the house and the outside lighting now I need to do the four big main rooms. It’s one hell of a job but I am getting there.


I have just bought the main panel so have started to dig in to the wall to fit that into place. As soon as I finish the electrics I am going to have to start the plumbing. That’s the problem with being on a tight budget – I have a list a mile long and it keeps on getting bigger!


The pool house at the back of the property was annoying me as the roof was leaking and was half finished so I decided to task myself with finishing that. First was the roof, the tiles put up by a previous worker had to come off as it was leaking and I put a proper roof with waterproof membrane and replaced the tiles on top.


It was a bit of a pain as I had to buy a few more roof tiles as I broke about 15 when taking them off but I was pleased with the finished roof. I also finished hanging the doors, and varnishing all the wood – a very messy job but I thought I should do it sooner rather than later to protect the wood. I also put another beam I recycled from the old roof as a support – I think it looks pretty good actually.


The doors were a priority of mine as now I have a secure lockable room for all my tools which is a big weight off my mind. I know I have Enzo to guard the place and the workers but it just makes me sleep easy knowing they are secure.
So hopefully by the next post the upstairs plastering will almost be complete… until next time.