Time for doors

So I am getting closer to moving in although the tiling did take a bit longer than expected. I am actually really pleased with the finished floors, I have never tiled floors before – or anything else for that matter. So it is one step closer to moving in.


There has been a lot of progress with the plastering the last big room is complete and I will be starting on the front of the house next week. It was funny I walked out the front of the house the other day when I was walking Enzo and this girl asked me if I lived there – obviously I said yes and she said ‘what an ugly house!’. I was a little bit offended but then I actually sat back and had a look and it is about time I sorted the front out.
I have to get permission to close the sidewalk for a week or so whilst I plaster the front – I am hoping to start mid next week.


I also started to rebuild the garden wall as it was half falling down, I decided to add an extra six feet on top of the wall as the house next door is ugly to say the least. It will add a lot more privacy to my garden.


So whilst all the plastering has been going on I decided it was about time to put some door on my place. How hard could it be I thought? well it turned out to be very difficult. First of all I had to decide on the type of doors – metal… wood… glass… etc. Doors can make a huge difference to the appearance of the house so I wanted to make the right choice.


Now not only was it the style but the fact that every single door way in my house is not a standard size the cost would be prohibitive as they would have to be custom made. I put a couple doors on the pool house a couple of months ago but I didn’t really like them, they were cheap but they are very thin and lightweight.


Soooo there was only one option left – to make the doors myself. I decided to use 2-inch pine for the doors – I want heavy weight solid doors so decided to give it a go on my apartment first and I am pretty pleased with the results.


Ok I know they don’t look great at the moment but they will look a lot better when I stain them to look like dark wood. I am also thinking about cutting a hole in them and maybe add a window or two but will decide that later on.