Time does fly

I know I know… It has been a while but we have been getting lots completed. We had started the hot tub in the last post and now all the building work is complete and is just waiting to be tiled.
It was a bit interesting building the hot tub as I have never done it before but I think I have it all connected right 🙂


A while ago I was walking out my house and this girl came up to me and said how ugly my house was. At first I was offended but then I actually stepped back and looked at it and thought she was right. So I decided that would be my next job. I had the doors all made so I started to fit them – which was not an easy job at all! All the doors were made out of my old mahogany roof beams which look good but were not easy to get straight and fit. There was ALOT of cursing fitting those ******* doors but I finally got them hanging.


The next job was to make the steps and take off the all the board from the front. It was a great feeling after 8 months of work to finally see the front getting finished off.


Then it was the painting – I decided on white – I know it will get very dirty fast but for the time being I just wanted to get it painted.


I am so happy with the front – I still have the lights to get up and the door frames to finish painting (along with the upstairs doors and railings). But at least I am getting good compliments now.


I had friends coming to stay for a week so I wanted to get an ensuite room finished for them to stay.


The only problem was that I had not finished the plumbing upstairs let alone the room! A week before they arrived we set to work in between everything else going on. I have to say the bathroom looks great and it gets a big job out of the way.


The upstairs is finally starting to take shape. I wasnt planning to finish upstairs until the downstairs was finished but my mum has started to paint all the ceiling beams and walls upstairs. Not bad for someone that is afraid of heights!


My Swedish friend had also finished all the beds at the months which is a massive job out of the way – and they look great – just need to paint them.


Well I always like to end a post on a fun activity – so this month being as my newlywed friends from the states were visiting we decided to go to Jarabacoa. It is about 1 hour 45 minutes from Santo Domingo and we decided to go ATV riding. It was an awesome day – we spent an hour riding through the hills and had amazing weather being as in the mountains can sometimes be a bit cloudy and rainy.


After an awesome morning we went to Jamaca de dios which is a revolving restaurant at the top of a mountain overlooking the city. A nice break before the final push to finish off the place before we open.