The end is near!

I thought I would sit down and update my blog tonight thinking I would have loads to update on – I am absolutely shattered after the last couple of weeks working on the project but I am sitting here thinking it doesn’t look like we have done much! I know that’s not the case but it feels like it sometimes.


So my task was to get some smaller roofs finished over the balcony, outdoor seating area and laundry – I have finished two out of the three so can’t complain that much. The roof over the outdoor seating area didn’t seem that big when I started but actually took quite a bit of time.


I like the finished product – now when it rains all the water goes into the garden rather than in the seating area. The other roof was a bit more of a task, I already had the frame up but decided against the clay roof tiles which I have on my other roofs – they look really good but I was a little worried about the weight of them plus the time factor of actually installing them let alone carrying them up to the roof.


The deciding factor was the fact that no one will actually see this roof as it’s over the second floor balcony so I went with the roof sheeting – doesn’t look to bad though. We had some floor bricks left over from the walkway downstairs so decided to put them down on the balcony floor and sun deck upstairs. almost finished!


Whilst the flooring and roofing has been in the process of being completed my mum has been painting the upstairs rooms – it is a time consuming job as the walls are huge and the ceilings are high. I forgot to take a photo so I will add it on the next post – however she has started doing the ceiling downstairs and it looks pretty awesome.


I decided to go green for the hot water for the house and decided to buy a solar hot water heater – it has been sitting downstairs for a while so I had a proactive day and decided to get it up on the roof… it was not easy! But we got it up there – so we should have hot water soon, when I get the time to hook it up that is.


We had some helpers this weekend as Katherine’s cousins decided to volunteer for some painting – our garden walls now have fresh paint along with our laundry. Awesome job girls.


Ok, just before I go its time for another trip pic! This week it was Samana to meet some friends from Pennsylvania that were on a cruise and stopped at Samana for the day. We couldn’t miss seeing them so we headed up to Cayo Levantado for the day. It was awesome catching up drinking beer, rum and cocktails while eating fresh fish. A great day.