Starting with the floors

I have been slacking a lot on my blog lately so here is where I am at… The plastering is STILL going on – the amount of cement I have used is unbelievable, I reckon it will be close to 1000 bags once the walls are complete.
The end of the plastering is near though, they are on the last big room downstairs which leaves only the front and sides of the building and a couple of bathrooms upstairs and it will be done.


The walls without a doubt have been the biggest job – the time it has taken has thrown me off schedule by about 2 months! The guys are getting on well though – I reckon one more month and they will be complete. I have got one of them rebuilding the garden wall down one side of the house and making it higher as it is not the most pleasant view at the moment.


I have been working so hard on getting my area ready. All the plumbing is complete and the cistern is now fully operational. It has been filling up for three days and is still not full so I am hoping that means I will not run out lol


For me to move in obviously I want running water but I cannot have that until I install the pressure tank – it should be soon though as I am building an outbuilding in the garden to house the tanks and pumps next week.


I have also tried my hand at tiling the floors in my place. It was a bit of a slow start but I got the hang of it and now I just have two rooms left in my place. A friend from Australia is visiting at the moment so I managed to convince her that helping me tile floors is more fun than laying on the beach! Not quite sure how that happened.


This next week I am hoping to have my place almost ready to move in. I went to the electricity company today to get a meter installed so I can finally connect up my panel. So after I finish the floors I just need to add doors, windows and paint and it will pretty much be ready. Its starting to get exciting now!