Starting to get excited…

Oops it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and I have to say I am pleased with the progress. It has been an up and down two weeks though – where do I start?


Well in my last post I was in the middle of doing the floor and was trying to finish replacing a back part of the roof. Well I will start with the roof… the bad part was I decided to replace the whole back roof as well as when I was roughing in the electric lines I notice that the 4ft thick walls were wet all the way through… the water was just sitting on the roof and filtering down the walls. I really didn’t want to have to do it as my budget is stretched as it is but it needed to be done.


The guys have been working hard on the roof and they have almost finished it. There were holes left in the roof for skylights so I decided to keep them and they will be skylights over the showers. Now the roof all runs the same way so all the water runs down in to a pipe rather than straight of the side of the roof.


I do not know if you heard but Tropical Storm Chantel passed by and although it wasn’t that bad it did bring a lot more rain! I have been waiting to seal the main roof that I finished last month but due to the rain it made it impossible. However just a day after the storm we had a few days of sun and I took the opportunity to seal it. I was getting fed up of having leaks inside so it had to be done and I have to say it looks pretty awesome. I have one more coat to go but it has done the job – I now have a watertight property!


So the back part of the roof is coming along well, a couple more days and that will be finished also, it will be a happy day as that will be the end of all the roof work.


The next job was to finish the floor, I mentioned in my last post that I did two layers of boards of the beams to keep the noise down from downstairs. It was a bit tricky at times as I used wooden boards, not pre made floor boards. The problem was that even though they are meant to be cut to the same size and thickness they are not all the same so it was a bit like a jigsaw.


But thankfully I finished with just a little wood left over and I have to say I am pretty happy with the result! It still needs to be sanded, filled and varnished but it is going to look really good. Again very happy as that’s more heavy work out of the way.


I had started the electrics in my last post and I am two rooms away from finishing the upstairs – this is without a doubt my worst job… digging in to the walls to run the lines and cutting all the wire is tedious work – but upstairs is almost complete.


So as soon as the guys finish off that part of the roof then they have about three weeks’ worth of plastering upstairs. They have already started on the big front room as it was raining one day and I can’t wait for it to be completed.


I haven’t installed the plumbing upstairs yet as that would involve digging up down stairs and I want to get upstairs as close to finished as possible before I start the plumbing. I will not recognize the place when the walls are done, it really is coming together and as soon as the plastering is done I can start getting the door and windows put in.

So that’s all for this post, it will be an exciting few weeks with a big transformation!