So near – yet so far

Ok, it has been a while since my last post. I realized the other day that it is getting close to a year that I started work on this project – time really does fly. When I started I targeted a very optimistic 6 – 8 months’ completion time – obviously that was not even close but hey. It did get my ass in gear though, I have set a date of two more months to finish.


The finishing details take a lot of time to complete – just because a room has walls, plumbing and power does not mean it’s finished. My mum who has been helping over the last 5 months is leaving tomorrow and she was determined to finish all the painting – which see did!


She has done an awesome job; the walls are one thing but the ceilings were very time consuming!
It has turned out great, I am so pleased with the final results. I have just one and a half rooms to finish tiling down stairs and that means the downstairs floors will be finished. I realized when looking through my blog the other day that all the photos were of the back part of the property, well finally we have a few here of the main rooms.


There were two rooms in the house that I have been leaving till the end – two upstairs bathrooms. I didn’t have any intention of touching these until I had finished everywhere else as I hadn’t even finished the plumbing. However, I finally got around to finishing them – the plumbing and floors at least. All ready for tiling!


Now, against my preference UNESCO made me install a wooden floor in the main house which has been on my list to finish for a while now. I was having a bit of a dilemma about how to fill the gaps between the boards – ended up going for slivers of wood which you hammer and glue in.


Due to not being able to find a floor sander in this country I have completed about half of it just using power tools – a pain and very time consuming but needs to be done. Stain plus oil and they are starting to look good.


I have been completing lots of little jobs in between doing the floors such as the drainage in the garden. When it rained really hard my two-inch pipe I installed for the overflow of my infiltration system was just not enough and would start to create a little pond in the garden.

It has been one of those little jobs that I kept on saying I would get around to… So I finally started it, new bigger pipe getting installed – I really do not like changing work that has already been completed but this needed to be done. Even Katherine was helping…


I even got around to finishing the laundry – almost. Roof is on and the washing machine and sink are installed.
Storage has been a bit of an issue as we have been finishing rooms so as the laundry roof was so high I built in an attic room to store all my building tools and materials.


We have started a sign post tree in the garden for guests and people that have visited so far. Not many up at the moment but it will soon grow.


I haven’t actually explained on here what I will be doing with the property yet so my next post will explain all! Until next time…