Scarpelo Salon

Well what a few weeks!


First I will start with the house… In my last post we had just dropped in all the plans to Patrimonio. Now we are almost on first name basis with them in Patrimonio with the amount of times we have been in asking questions. I was told that its a long process to get plans approved Patrimonio and have not heard a good word about them I have to admit – so when I got a phone call 5 days after dropping the plans in asking us to come to their office I thought the worst… are the plans wrong, are we missing something… but no, to my surprise they handed us over the plans all approved!


Five days to get approval from Patrimonio – awesome.


I have to say I haven’t a bad word to say, they are organized and very efficient. A lot more than I can say for Ayuntamiento – who also need to sign off on the plans before we can start work. We went in with the plans and covering letter and they just looked at us like it was the first time they have been asked to approve plans – seriously the guy opened the folder (ripping in half one of the drawings) and said we will call you when they are ready…


Not believing that we would ever receive a phone call we have been in 4 times in the last two weeks and I have to say they are a joke. They really haven’t got a clue what they are doing.
After a lot arguments the guy in the office sent someone with us to look at the house – this guy actually asked us what he was meant to be doing????
We got there he looked around, got a tape measure out, measured a couple of walls, looked upstairs, said it was big and that was it…
So something tells me we will be in Ayuntamiento next week, we have decided that we will just keep on going in every other day until they give us the permissions. I will let you know if it works!


So I am hoping we will get the serious work under way in January, until then I am going to start digging up the plumbing which is in a state, and putting in a cistern.
Some family and friends are coming over next week for the holidays for which we have a few trips planned so I am looking forward to a relaxing Xmas on the beach.

On a totally different subject I have been really busy for the last two weeks setting up a hair salon that myself and Katherine have just opened. It’s been a lot hard work but we have just had our grand opening and I am really happy with it.
When I first came over Katherine and me discussed opening a salon but didn’t do much about it. I know nothing about hair so this is Katherine’s field. After Katherine and myself came back from the states we decided that we were going to go for it. It’s going to be tough at first but Katherine is really enthusiastic about it and I know from experience that Dominicans spend a fortune on their hair!
I have to admit I didn’t really imagine setting up a new business whilst restoring the property but I am so glad we did. So a couple of weeks ago we started looking for a local to rent; now we know from experience that this could take a lot of time as last year we looked for months and found nothing that we liked. But sure enough after only a week of looking we found a place, it needed a bit of work but is in a good location on Independencia between Lincoln and Maximo Gomez in Plaza Mirador II (just past Plaza Capri).


It has two floors, and is on the corner next to the road so is really visible which is always good. So we agreed on a price and signed the contract – the new Scarpelo Salon! Katherine came up with the name – its actually one of the hooks that they use to put in hair extensions and being as the Salon specializes in hair extensions the name fits perfectly.

Katherine knew a friend that was selling her salon in Bella Vista so we got a good deal on all the equipment and are using her staff as well. So we had the location, equipment and staff… now we just need to put it all together. It was a lot of work sometimes working until after midnight but we finished in just over two weeks and are now open.

So if anyone is in Santo Domingo feel free to pop in and check us out. Scarpelo Salon!