Roof completed!

Finally, I have a new roof! I have been waiting for this for a long time. It has taken slightly longer than calculated and also a little more money but I now have a roof. The guys have been working really hard.


The bricks were laid on the other side of the roof and the guys started laying the cement over the top. The thing that took the longest was building the edges up – as when we took the last roof off we had to take about a foot off.


Now the roof is finished we have to wait a couple of weeks for it to fully dry before we can put the sealant on to finally finish it (if the rain ever stops). But all the hard work for the roof is finally complete.


The top of the cistern is now also set, so as soon as we waterproof the inside we will be able to start filling it with water. I am glad we got that finished as it was a pain in the ass having to get buy as it is right in the middle of the walkway.


We have got one half of the beams up for the 1st floor. I was hoping the mahogany beams would be in a good enough condition to reuse but unfortunately not. So we have had to make another 22 beams which has taken up a lot of our time not to mention budget.


So the aim for next week is to have at least half the floor up – we started setting the beams but it is a lot of work to make them all level and also to lay all the floorboards. I have also started to mark where all the electrical lines will be run and where the lights and outlets will go.


As soon as we have the electrical runs in the walls with the plumbing we will be ready to start plastering we will be ready to start plastering. That is when the house will really start to look close to completion.