Looking good

The rain has stopped which has been a blessing as being up to my ankles in mud was starting to get annoying. I have finished the steps outside my apartment in the back garden which is awesome as I have been waiting sort out the balcony for a while now. The rear balcony although safe was sagging in places so I decided to use some of the old Mahogany roof beams to level it up a bit and give it a bit more support as I am going to add quite a bit of weight with the hand rail upstairs.


It was tough work getting the beams up as they weigh a lot but with ropes and a hydraulic car jack I managed to get them up and straighten the balcony.
Now that this is finished the guys have started the plastering of the outside downstairs which is awesome as its looking like I will be able to move in soon.


I have had a lot of bad luck with tools this last week my skill saw, drill and chainsaw have all broken which sucks. They are all covered but warranty but I soon found out that it is not worth the paper it is written on. If you buy something here after sales service is non-existent. One place actually told me it is not their problem – go to the manufacturer (on a 2-day old chainsaw).


The plumbing has been coming along nicely – I am about 80% finished downstairs so not far off finishing. Due to all the rain the cistern filled up with water – ok I know it’s meant to be full of water but I hadn’t finished the inside of it so that is now all drained – so I am hoping I can get that finished in the next week or so as I am building a little shed to house my pressure tank and pumps which means I will soon have running water – exciting stuff.


I have also started putting my infiltration into place – the big hole in the ground was starting to annoy me. So I aim to get that finished tomorrow – hopefully that will stop the river running through my house when it rains!
So a pretty short update but I am very excited at the moment, it is finally coming together.