Kitchen and Laundry

Last week I had started to build the outside kitchen and I am happy to say it is now 99% finished. I had a bit of a problem with the roof tiles leaking which involved me having to remove them all (breaking a lot in the process) and having to re-lay them but at least it is complete. I think it looks pretty good for an idea that started at just a BBQ!


I thought it was about time to do something with all the caoba roof beams that i saved from the original roof and floor. So I had them all cut up into planks – the idea is to build furniture and use it around the house. I have about 200 of them so it looks like I have a lot of work coming up.


Now that the outside kitchen is finished my next priority is the front doors. I have searched around but due to the size of my front doors the cost was prohibitive. So I decided to give it a go and make them myself. I have used the Caoba that I cut up and made my first door. I just need to insert the glass and get some bars put in and I will finally have a front door!


It has been a god send having my mum here to help. She has basically painted the whole outside so far and is still going strong. We have decided to finish the garden first – I know it’s usually the last thing left in a restoration project however the being as I have no rear access I didn’t want to be taking debris and materials through a decorated front of house. So it makes sense to get all the messy work out of the way first.


I am in the process of finishing the last section of building work – the laundry. It’s exciting as it’s the last part of brickwork and plastering I need to do. I had to build the back wall up quite high to cover the unsightly side of a neighbour’s house so it was a bit more work than expected but I am only a few days away from completion.