Well it has now been 2 months since we got the approval of the plans from Patrimonio (UNESCO) and we are still waiting on Ayuntamiento. Everyone told me it would take along time to get plans approved but said it would be Patrimonio that would take the time.

Front of house
Front of house

Ayuntamiento is government run which is is where the problem lies… no sense of urgency and apparently no one in charge! We went into the office in the Colonial Zone to ask about the process and they told us just to bring all the plans in with a covering letter and we will get the approval in 5 days… I thought it was to good to be true!
So after 5 days we went in to check (1st visit) and they said come back tomorrow (second visit) but no apparently it might take a couple days more to sign off – so they asked us to call. A week later and no answer on the phone we went back in (third visit) – but apparently there is a fee we have to pay but they dont accept payment in the office we went to we had to go to the main office. No problems… so we went to the main office (fourth visit) but nope, they needed a covering letter, title etc. for the property – we tried to explain we had handed all this in already at the Colonial Zone office but that wasn’t good enough. So we went back in (5th visit) with everything they asked for – yet again they said we were missing something… now we are starting to get a little annoyed at getting the run around so we ask them to double check everything to make sure there is nothing missing that they need…. no just one more document.


So I was all excited about getting it all handed in but yet again they found something else that we needed. It would get pretty boring if I kept on going on so to cut a long story short it has taken us 15 visits to finally apply for the permit… they really have not got a clue what they are doing – there is no one in charge – the women was so rude we asked for her name and point blank refused! At one point I though her and Katherine were going to go at it!
So it has now been two frustrating months of being given the run around but the light is at the end of the tunnel – I am hoping we should have the go ahead by the end of January so we can finally start work.

Still having quotes for the work and still haven’t found anyone to put a new roof on… but hopefully by the time we get the permits that should all be sorted. The photos are more or less what the house will look like completed!