All moved in

So yet again I have to apologize for the long wait between posts. I was working 16 hour days to finish our area so we could move in. I had a deadline as my mum was coming to stay and we only just made it. We moved in the day before – it was a bit of a mad rush to say the least but we moved in. The last couple weeks have consisted of me finishing off the little details in our place whilst the guys finish off other parts.


The day we moved in I had only just connected the water pressure tank so I was a little nervous that as soon as I connected it I would spring leaks everywhere but thank god it all worked fine.


It took a lot longer than expected to complete the finishing touches but I am so happy that we have finally moved in.
We were lucky enough to have been given a bath and shower unit by a fellow expat that no longer needed it so I would like to thank him on here.


In my last post I hadn’t even finished all the doors let alone the windows but luckily I finished it all in time. The windows were a bit of a pain to say the least but I am happy with the results.


I have gone down to just two workers now as I only have a few jobs left for them. We have decided to finish the garden first as we didn’t want to finish the front of the property and then have to bring materials through the finished rooms. So work has begun on the outdoor kitchen and Jacuzzi. I have also finish the pump room walls which I will be adding a roof in the next few days.


I am putting a BBQ, fridge and sink in the outdoor kitchen with a bar that I can put a few chairs up against.
I almost forgot how to say about the front of the house… finally we have finished the panete on the front. As soon as I finish off our place I will get to work on the doors for the font.


I am really excited for the next few weeks. I plan to get the garden finished and the front of the house complete. It should go a lot faster now that we are living here.


Until next time…