23 days and counting…

It’s getting close to the opening date and the place is still a little way off being ready. I am focusing on upstairs at the moment as that’s where all the rooms are so worst case scenario the bar will not be ready by the 1st July but it will be close. I have now finished the wooden floors upstairs, glad that is out the way.
I have been meaning to put up a sheetrock wall to divide two of the dormitory rooms upstairs for a while so thought I best get around to it.


I now know why I was putting it off – with 17 foot ceilings upstairs and being just one person it was a bit tough… I am glad the bunk beds where there as I was able to use those to get up that high. Only took one and a half days to get it all erected – easy I thought, but then came the finishing – I have a new worst job now – mudding the sheetrock – it’s not that it’s that difficult but it makes one hell of a mess!


I have one side complete now and painted just need to finish off the other side. I have also put all the skirting boards in the dorms – so once that wall is finished I only have to paint the bunkbeds and two of the dorms are finished!


I have also tiled the front balcony – I would have photos but my phone just decided to die… so unfortunately I lost a few photos but I will add them on the next post.


I have also almost finished the common room upstairs – book exchange shelves, computer desk and phone area have all been built.


I have also built the railing for the landing – nothing fancy but does the job. Once I clean it all up I will get it all set up with the computer, TV and couch.
So I only have two more days of work and two dorms and the common room will be finished – very happy with that.


I think I mentioned in my last post that I was going to put up an electric fence around the perimeter of the property. So 37 posts and 1800 foot of wire the fence is now up!


Everyone was asking why I don’t just use barbed wire – well personally I hate the look of it and second of all the electric fence has an alarm if tampered with so just a bit more added security.


I felt like I had sun stroke after installing it all. It took a day to get all the posts set then another day to connect up all the wire.


So only 23 days left… a little nervous but at least it is all moving forward. I have a couple days of work to finish the private ensuite rooms and then all it leaves me is two bathrooms upstairs -apart from the bar we will then be ready for business!